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 Actors: Banderas, Antonio  Actors: Dafoe, Willem  Actors: Highmore, Freddie  Actors: Rourke, Mickey  Actresses: Blanchett, Cate  Actresses: Bonham Carter, Helena  Actresses: Knightley, Keira  Actresses: Paradis, Vanessa  Actresses: Ryder, Winona  Albums: Soundtracks: Corpse Bride  Albums: Soundtracks: Finding Neverland  Albums: Soundtracks: Once Upon a Time in Mexico  Albums: Soundtracks: Pirates of the Caribbean series  Authors/Writers, Directors/Producers, Musicians: Male: Depp, Johnny  Characters: 21 Jump Street: Hanson, Tom  Characters: Chocolat: Roux  Characters: Dead Man: Blake, William 'Bill'  Characters: Ed Wood: Wood, Edward D., Jr  Characters: Ed Wood: Wood, Edward Jr.  Characters: Edward Scissorhands: Scissorhands, Edward  Characters: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: Raoul, Duke  Characters: Nightmare on Elm Street, A: Lantz, Glen  Characters: Pirates of the Caribbean: Sparrow, Captain Jack  Characters: Platoon: Lerner, Pvt. Gator  Characters: Secret Window: Rainey, Mort  Fansites: Johnny-Depp.Org  Movies: Arizona Dream  Movies: Benny & Joon  Movies: Chocolat  Movies: Corpse Bride  Movies: Ed Wood  Movies: Finding Neverland  Movies: From Hell  Movies: Libertine, The  Movies: Ninth Gate, The  Movies: Once Upon A Time In Mexico  Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl  Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest  Movies: Sleepy Hollow  Musicians: Bands/Groups: P  Musicians: Male: Elfman, Danny  Relationships: Book/Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean series: Norrington, James and Captain Jack Sparrow  Relationships: Book/Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean: Swann, Elizabeth and Captain Jack Sparrow  Relationships: Real Life: Bloom, Orlando, Johnny Depp and Keira Knightley  Relationships: Real Life: Depp Family, The  Songs: Sweeney Todd: A Little Priest  Songs: Various: Themesongs of: Pirates Of The Caribbean (Ride)  TV/Movie/Book Miscellany: Pirates of the Caribbean: Black Pearl, The

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